The envelope please…

I love announcing winners. Maybe it’s because I love winning, and I think I’ve won ONE raffle type prize in my whole life. It’s so fun to be that chosen person, and to rifle through your prize, or agonize for weeks over how to spend the gift certificate.

Sarah, I hope you have a blast choosing what you’d like to spend your gift certificate on!!!

What a great idea for a first post! I also found you through Mothering Grace, and I’d love to win. I’d love to have more baby carrier

Thank you all for becoming fans, joining our blog adventure, supporting REgarding Peanut, and all the warm birthday wishes. Peanut told me this morning that she’s very exited to be four now, and now that she’s four, she’d like to be a big sister straight away. Well, Rock Star still has some baking to do, but soon enough girlie.

Balloons are up, cupcakes made, and we’re ready to celebrate around here! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend, and find something amazing to celebrate in your own lives.


2 Responses to “The envelope please…”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Thank you so much, I am so excited that I won!

    Now to decide what to get :-).

    Happy birthday to Peanut, and good luck becoming a big sister!

  2. Sarah Says:

    I just wanted to tell everyone that I ordered on Sunday, and I got my package today – I ended a BBO Mei Tai, some baby legs, and a Chico bag.

    I’m really impressed so far!

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