A new shop and a giveaway!

First off, I’d like to introduce you to a new shop, EllieAdorn. I’d actually been looking for a nursing necklace of sorts because Miss Finleigh is grabby-mcgrabby and is always pulling on my shirts, my hair, my skin (ouch) while she nurses, or is riding in the sling. I was contacted for a totally separate reason by the owner, Cristi, and then she mentioned her new little shop.

I was so excited! Ellie’s mama makes AMAZING necklaces that are designed to be tough enough for baby’s to play with while nursing, holding, babywearing, or snuggling. And they are different than the typical “donut on a string” style that I’ve seen. They’re actually pretty. And stylish. And will look good with your clothes (heck, it may be the only good looking thing you’ll have on that day!). And, you can actually wear jewelry without worrying that you’re baby is going to rip your earring out or yank your Tiffany necklace off (yes, I wear a Tiffany “K” everyday; it’s my thing).

To celebrate the grand opening of EllieAdorn, we’ve paired up and are giving one lucky winner a necklace of her choosing! There will also be a runner-up, winning a cute tote bag from REgarding Peanut. There are three ways to enter:  “like” both EllieAdorn and REgarding Peanut on facebook, and come back and tell us you have. Share this post with your friends (via email or FB) and come back and let us know about it. Head over to EllieAdorn‘s etsy shop and REgarding Peanut and come back here and tell us your favorite product from each site. All entries must be in the comments on this blog post. Contest ends on Thursday, August 26th and winners will be announced Friday, August 27th.

ETA: You can earn one extra entry by sharing this on your facebook page, retweeting it, or sharing it on a forum you frequent. Leave a comment with a link letting us know where you’ve shared.

AND, you don’t have to be local to win this one! Even better!!



46 Responses to “A new shop and a giveaway!”

  1. Jordan P Says:

    Liked both on facebook, these are too cute, and really original looking!

  2. Jordan P Says:

    OOooh shopping. My favorites were:

    EllieAdorn: CARNELIAN Dainty Rectangle Carnelian and 24K Gold Bead Mama Necklace, TOO cool, love the beads especially

    Regarding: the Chico bags are really useful and convenient looking

  3. Kerri Says:

    I’ve liked REgarding Peanut! 🙂

  4. Kerri Says:

    I’ve liked EllieAdorn. 🙂

  5. Kerri Says:

    I’ve shared the giveaway on Facebook!

  6. Kerri Says:

    From EllieAdorn I love the PAISLEY PULL Translucent White/Red Paisley Donut Pendant Mama Necklace!

    From REgarding Peanut, well, Katy knows I am coveting a Sakura Bloom Ring Sling! COVET COVET COVET

  7. Becky Says:

    I already “liked” REgarding Peanut… now I “like” EllieAdorn too!

  8. Becky Says:

    I’ve shared the giveaway on FB too!

  9. Becky Says:

    Favorite from EllieAdorn is the Paisley Pull in the translucent white/red paisley color – such a cool shape!
    Favorite from REgarding Peanut is the Sakura Bloom ring sling (love all the different ones!).

  10. Julie Says:

    I’ve always liked Regarding Peanut. 😉

  11. Julie Says:

    I now like EllieAdorn as well! 🙂

  12. Julie Says:

    From EllieAdorn: Love of Hearts…STUNNING!!

    Regarding Peanut: Black Metro Pikkolo…to carry little man all around Scotland in OCT!! 🙂

  13. Jesi Says:

    I liked both you on FB, can’t believe I didn’t know about you sooner!! And the products I like the best are the Neobulle Woven wraps from REgarding Peanut and the Carved out Mama Jade necklace. Both of these products are things I have longed for the last 3+ years and now with my third pregnancy coming to an end I can only hope to have them!! Now off to tell friends! 🙂

  14. Cheryl Says:

    I liked Ellie Adorn on FB.

  15. Cheryl Says:

    Shared the link on fb

  16. Cheryl Says:

    I like the EllieAdorn pretty purple
    and Regarding Peanut Jacks Mei Tai – such great products!

  17. Susan Says:

    I like REgarding Peanut and EllieAdorn on FB!

  18. Susan Says:

    I have linked the giveaway on FB.

  19. Caron Says:

    I like both on FB !! Would love one of these for my grabby little man!

  20. Tamar Hardy Says:

    Already liked REgarding Peanut on FB, but now I like EllieAdorn as well!

  21. Tamar Hardy Says:

    Favorite items:

    REgarding Peanut: Metro Black Pikkolo – I can’t remember what the design of my Pikkolo is called, but I still use it with my 1 year old all the time. Definitely worth the $$ we spent.

    EllieAdorn: Olive Jade Circle of Life – though my favorite would have been the Pink Rhodonite Circle of Life if it hadn’t already sold!

  22. Tamar Hardy Says:

    Also shared this post on FB.

  23. Julie Says:

    I have also now shared on Facebook! Although that makes my chances potentially more slim if my friends come and sign up…lol.

  24. chelsea hetland Says:

    I liked both sites on my facebook and shared this thread.

  25. Holly Says:

    I liked Regarding Peanut!

  26. Holly Says:

    I also liked EllieAdorn!

  27. Holly Says:

    At EllieAdorn, my favorite is Cracked Up…beautiful AND unique!

  28. Holly Says:

    At Regarding Peanut, I super super SUPER want the Jolly Huggalugs!!!

  29. Julie Says:

    I shared on FB…hope I win rather than my friends. 😉

  30. Michelle Says:

    I liked EllieAdorn!

  31. Michelle Says:

    I liked Regarding Peanut!

  32. Jen Logan Says:

    I “liked” RP and EA both on Facebook!

  33. Jen Logan Says:

    My favorite item on RP is the Pikkolo – hands down the best carrier out there!

    My favorite item on EA is (do I really have to choose?) Jasper Swirl…so pretty!

  34. Jen Logan Says:

    Shared on my FB page!

  35. Erin Says:

    I liked Regarding Peanut on FB and has liked EllieAdorn for a while now! 🙂

  36. Erin Says:

    My favorite on RP is the Joey Tote!

    My favorite on EllieAdorn is the Purple Sugilite Jasper necklace!!

  37. Lisa Says:

    I like you both! 🙂

  38. Lisa Says:

    I’m having trouble picking my favs! I’m going to say the Red Agate paisley pull, but I like so much of it I’ll probably change my mind every five minutes!

    And as far as RE: goes, anything Sakura Bloom! How about Pixie Rock Candy!

  39. Lisa Says:

    I shared the link on FB.

  40. Lisa Says:

    Shared via email to some friends and family.

  41. Brandy Robinson Says:

    I like you both on Facebook! 🙂

  42. Susan Says:

    I like EllieAdorn on FB!

  43. Susan Says:

    I like REgarding Peanut on FB!

  44. Susan Says:

    It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I love the rose bloom bracelet. I also like the simple beauty of the paisley pulls.

  45. Susan Says:

    I like everything at REgarding Peanut (lol) but I think A&A swaddling blankets are at the top of my “needs” list.

  46. Susan Says:

    I linked the contest on FB!

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