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Welcome to the world, baby Finleigh!

March 23, 2010

We here at REgarding Peanut want to announce the birth of our newest Peanut, Finleigh Esther “RockStar” Afruma. Born on March 22, at 2:04am, into her daddy’s arms. She weighed 7 pounds, 8 ounces and is 20″ long. We’re so excited to have her with us. The original Peanut loves her little sister, and keeps telling us that she’s “pretty cute” and that we should dress her up in pretty little dresses.


Does your kid whine?

January 28, 2010

Mine does. Some days, a lot. And I find myself totally annoyed, frustrated, and incapable of thinking straight when the whining drags on and on.

So, why does she do it? Just to annoy me? I’m sure not. I really don’t believe she’s capable of that kind of manipulation. Does she really want that cookie, tv show or toy? Probably not. What she probably wants is me. And somehow, I’ve neglected my duties as a mama and have not given her enough of me.

I know this was true yesterday, when I had an appointment with a customer and then an appointment with the midwives, both of which requiring her to play quietly, and me to offer my full attention to others. It was too much to ask of a four year old.

So, I turned to facebook to do a little whining myself. Great example, I know.

And, in addition to commiseration, I got a jewel of wisdom from a friend…that they are, in fact, whining to get our attention. They are whining because of feelings of disconnection, lonliness, sadness and frustration. And they need to reconnect, find solace in mama or papa’s arms, and remember that the world is a safe, welcoming place for them.

What does this have to do with babywearing? Well, it’s more to do with toddler wearing, or preschooler wearing, really. I don’t wear Ryan anymore, being 8 months pregnant, and with her being nearly 3.5ft tall, in the traditional sense. But that doesn’t mean I can’t “wear” her in a less traditional way.

When she was little, and would get whiny or annoying, I’d toss her up on my back in a mei tai, she’d snuggle in and feel safe, and off we’d go. I sometimes forget that she still has those needs, and I can’t fulfill them in the same way. But that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t need to be “worn”. It’s just not going to happen in quite the same way.

So, instead of getting angry with the whining, I’m going to try really hard to understand where it’s coming from, and what she really needs. Not another episode of Curious George, but rather, 5 minutes of cuddle time with mama to remember that she is loved, she is important, and she is safe in this world.

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